Pandit Pravin Godkhindi

Praveen Godkhindi


Get Advanced Training in Hindustani Classical Music from the maestro Pandit Pravin Godkhindi


  • Insights into production of Shudh and komal swaras and techniques for half notes
  • Breathing techniques to sustain long notes.
  • Technique to produce meend, gamaks, murkis and ornamentation of notes.
  • Introduction to raga – Aalaap, Jod, compositions and Gayaki style improvisation.
  • Introduction to transpose technique used in light music
Expected Proficiency: 3+ years
Duration: 6 hours – 4 days (1.5 hours/day)
Audition Screening shall be done for admission into this workshop.

Regular Classes

Pravin Ji also takes regular online classes. Get an insight into the basics of ragas, laya, compositions and presentation in this class.

1 on 1 – 4 classes/month
Duration of each class – 1 hour
Group classes – 4 classes/month
Audition Screening shall be done for admission into this training programme. Please send a short video (max. 5 minutes) of your flute performance.

About Pravin Godkhindi

Born in a family of musicians, music is a divine blessing to Pravin. He hails from Dharwad, a place which has given the world many great musicians. Pravin started toying with a small flute at the tender age of three and since then, it has been his best companion. He has been trained by his father Pandit Venkatesh Godkhindi in the Kirana Gharana Gayaki style. His quest for deeper knowledge about Layakaari brough him to his Guru, Vidwan Anoor Ananth Krishna Sharma. a reputed Mridangam artiste who is providing able guidance to Pravin on the deeper aspects of Laya and Layakaari.
You can know more about Pravin from his website.